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What's Telegranon?

This is a open source Telegram bot that let you host anonymous and secure chats for a safer Telegram experience.
The main features of chats hosted using this bot are:

Multiple bots per chat support
Instead of making users wait to get messages because of the Telegram API's limits you can let all of your chat members get their messages at once using more bots to host the same chat.

- samefagging, + flags, +customization
Every user has his own random name (daily updated) and can choose which flag to use to customize his posts.
Also chat admins can create their own custom languages for the chat.

Let users join or even create and moderate subchats to cover different topics without making your main chat a mess, or just use them for posting anonymously in telegram channels.

Users can be more safe on Telegram, checking that the chat they want to join is not a honeypot by reading its public logs and being more secure about the fact that what they upload will not be linked to them as everything will be uploaded by the bot.

How to set it up

This guide will be updated once the source code is released

How can I contribute

This guide will be updated once the source code is released


What's a anonymous chat?

It's a telegram bot that acts like a chat without showing your telegram name to other users.
That doesn't mean it is secure at all, as it could easily be a honeypot since the mods are most likely able to know who's behind a certain message (with the excuse of exposing who sends illegal stuff, ok fed).
With Telegranon though we wanted a anonymous chat that could be focused on privacy and so that could be trusted, so we let users have a list of secure  anonymous chats that they can join.

What's a secure anonymous chat though?

A Telegranon chat to be labeled as secure must follow these two rules:

  1. The bot has to reupload every media or file to the chat instead of just reusing the same file_id of the file sent by a user.
    Other "anonymous" chats just recycle the same file_id for a higher speed of the chat since the bot doesn't have to wait to upload a file before sending it.
    We can't know though whether or not Telegram links a file_id (which is the file identifier once it is uploaded to the Telegram servers) to the user who posted it first, but it seems likely that they do as a measure to counter the upload of illegal stuff. If we are truly concerned about our privacy then this rule has to be followed.
  2. Chat logs must be public.
    How can you trust mods that they are actually not storing your id without encrypting it once you logged in without having access to the chat's logs? You can't.
    What identifies you on Telegram is your own id, that can not be changed and it's what the bots need to know in order to send a text to you. So the chat's bot need to know your id but the chat's mod doesn't.
    In order to check if it does just log in the chat and check its public logs. Someone joining the chat would be logged but instead of your id something would be shown meaning that your id has been correctly encrypted.

 Chats following these rules will be checked, then added to the secure chats list.

What's a board?

It's a subchat whose posts are sent to (private or public) channels and users who are subscribed to the board through the bot, so you don't need to be subscribed to the channel to get its posts.
As already mentioned this could be used to anonymously post on channels (disable the possibility to post to the ones who are not moderators of the board).

To get the board list use the command /boards

To post, subscribe or just view the info of a board type the name of the board as a command and then add a slash.
For example, to post to the board of the mods just type /mods/

To create a board use the command /newboard

Once you create a board there are different setting you can mess around with by typing /options [board]

What's the difference between this bot and the secretlounge one?