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Books - infosec

Security,a resistance manual - Sam Culper

Anonymity, Darknets and Staying Out of Federal Custody - Anonymous Productions

Infosec Management Fundamentals - Dalziel, Henry

Cryptography InfoSec Pro Guide - Sean Philip Oriyano

The InfoSec Handbook - Umesha Nayak, Umesh Rao

InfoSec Career Hacking - Aaron W. Bayles, Chris Hurley, Johnny Long, Ed Brindley, James C. Foster, Christopher W. Klaus

The Basics of Information Security. Understanding the Fundamentals of Infosec in Theory and Practice - Jason Andress

Crafting the InfoSec Playbook - Security Monitoring and Incident Response Master Plan - Jeff Bollinger, Brandon Enright, Matthew Valites

Practical Handbook for Private Investigators - Rory J. McMahon